Starting grad school

So I’m officially back in school again – I just started classes at Eastern Michigan University toward an MS in integrated marketing communication. After a rought week of wondering why the heck I’m doing this,  here are my reasons – in case I forget again:

1. I have always wanted my graduate degree. My granny had to drop out of school when she had my mom, but she made a point to go back and get her diploma, graduating with her youngest daughter. Having four kids AND a full time job AND going to school is an amazing feat – I always wanted to make her proud by putting my education first, since she sacrificed so much for hers. And we don’t have kids yet, so I might as well do it now.

2. I might never need it. But I’d rather have it and never use it than need it and not have the time to actually do it.

3. I don’t have a formal background in marketing, so this will expose me to more concrete marketing ideas than I would just get by doing my job. Plus, it’s all online and geared towards people working in the field – so they value real-life experience.

4. It’s done in two years and I still get a summer break.

David is in a play right now, so it helps that we’re both busy. I’m just taking one class at a time, which other than the craziness this week has proven really manageable. I have to take 2 7-week classes twice in the whole two-year program – then, he will be doing ALL of the housework/errands. I’ve already warned him. And actually, I’d like to do it soon – get it over with.

Really – I was much busier in college, between classes and two jobs and being president of the sorority. I have to keep reminding myself of that. (While also reminding myself that there was a reason I took two years to get into a program, and that’s probably why.)

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