Making my list, checking it…a lot

Here is a sneak peak into how I make my grocery list for the week. Meijer has started giving their email subscribers an ad preview – instead of waiting until Sunday to see what’s on sale for the week, now I can see Friday what will be on sale the following Sunday. This rocks. Normally I would have to make this list Sunday morning, but now I have the whole weekend. So here’s what I do – first, I make a list of everything on sale. Then I think about what I can make with those ingredients – either off the top of my head or through searching cookbooks or blogs. Then I create a menu and add the other things I’ll need to my list. This week’s list:

Carrots/onions – 10/10
Cherries – 1.99/lb
Avocados – 10/10
Mushrooms – 10/10
Chicken breasts – 1.79/lb
Pepperoni – 10/10
Tilapia – 2/7
Milk – 2/4
Fiber one bars – ⅖
English muffins – 10/10
Tomato paste? (Question mark means I need it but may have it in the pantry/freezer – have to check)

Broccoli – 99 cents

Based on the ads, right away I know a few things: I will buy at least 10 pounds of chicken and freeze it, because that is the lowest price I’ll find. If avocados are on sale I’ll make guacamole, which means one Mexican night (enchiladas or nachos, usually). Mushrooms means cream of mushroom soup (maybe next week, on a night that David’s not home) and also pizza (with the pepperoni.) Broccoli screams chicken fettuccine alfredo for David. (Sadly, Horrocks was out, but I bought some at Meijer anyway because I just can’t do frozen.)  We have a play Tuesday so I’ll need something in the crock pot – chicken BBQ sammies? (I would normally do pork, but I have a friend coming over who isn’t a fan – but that dish is really adaptable.) Also, I know we’ll have leftovers from our big Turkey dinner. Normally I try to incorporate one new dish in my menu a week (at least) – since I start a new class this week, I’ll stick with mostly old favorites I can make fast. Considering those factors, here’s how the menu shapes up:

Sunday: Nicole’s
Monday: Pizza with a salad (leftover from Sunday)
Tuesday: Pulled chicken BBQ sammies with leftover sweet potatoes
Wednesday: Chicken nachos/enchiladas
Thursday: Chicken fettuccine alfredo with broccoli
Friday: Shepherd’s pie with leftover potatoes and meat

I’ll make the pizza crust and the buns in the bread machine and might swap out something this week for healthy mac and cheese (since I have leftover butternut squash) so we’ll see what happens.

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