About Amanda

If you’re reading this you probably already know me in some capacity, so I’ll keep it brief. I’m a storyteller working in corporate marketing and communications. Cause you know – everyone has a story. Grew up in small town and was a good kid. (True story – ask my parents. They did a great job but still are quick to point out how lucky they were.)  Graduate of Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) where I was in the marching band (color guard – it rocks) and a president of my sorority (Delta Phi Epsilon). And before you go all “Animal House” – my sisters taught me way more than college did and I graduated magna cum laude, thanks very much. About to start a graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communication at Eastern Michigan University. Goodbye life. My blog ‘Marketing Chatter’ is here. Find me on Twitter at amandavlhatter.

I have a freakishly close relationship with my family, specifically my mom (who I am the spitting image of in looks and personality) and twin sister (who is the *less* spitting image of my dad in both). We are married to brothers. My husband is wonderful and fantastic and handsome and totally accepts my weird quirks. There are a lot. I thank God every day He got me out of the dating pool at 17. Seriously, people are crazy in that pool. It’s like spring break meets speed racing meets whatever slasher film you fancy. Just when it’s all fun and exciting you get your guts ripped out. No thanks. (I’m sure all my single friends appreciate this analogy. You are welcome. Come again.)

I love to cook. Real food. None of the box mac and cheese, pasta roni stuff. I couldn’t tell you the last time we had tacos. If I ever get out of writing it will be because one of my friends hit it big and can afford to hire a personal chef. I dream of the day when I have an unlimited food budget. We pay the cable bill so I can have Food Network.


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